A transplant from the West Coast, I moved to Orange County, NY from the Salinas Valley in CA in 1995.

Settling in NYC until moving to my current home in Greenville Township, NY in 1999.

Being one who always appreciated growing up in an agricultural community. Sharing my passion for Gardening and the keeping of Honey Bees, I hope we all learn something along the way.

An avid Beekeeper since the age of 5, I grew up with honeybees most of my life either directly or indirectly.
When I moved east and purchased my home. I brought my desire for bee hives with me from the west, and now more than 10 years later the adventure continues.

Sharing my passion for beekeeping and gardening is something I love to do.

I look forward to connecting with you each and every week here on my show.

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See you on the Radio,
Bee Well